Eight Treasures - Pressing Up to the Heavens with Two Hands - Movement #1



Starting Position: Wu Ji

Alternative Movement Names:

  • Pressing the Sky with Two Hands,
  • Lifting the Heavens with Two Hands,
  • Holding Up the Sky

Step out with your left leg into a comfortable and wide horse stance.

Feet should be almost parallel, knnees relaxed and bent.

You should be gazing forward - relaxed focus.

Bring your arms up in front of your body in a circular path - palms towards you.

Hold this stance for about 20 seconds. then breathe in.

Interlock your fingers - thumbs pointing away from you. Steadily raise your hands. When the hands reach the chin area, turn both palms and face the palms outward and slightly upward. Begin to exhale. Then as you raise your hands twist then so that the thumbs twist down and round to point out away from you.
As your hands pass your face follow them with your eyes. Push upwards until your elbows are straightened - do not strain!

Hold your hands in position (supporting the sky) and lower your eyes to gaze in front of you.

Hold that for a second and then release your hands and let them fall in a graceful circular motion. Exhale completely on the way down and begin to inhale.

You must bend your kness when you 'scoop down'.

The movement is rather like scooping water from a lake.

When you 'press the sky' your knees must be straight - but not locked.

Breathe in when lifting arms up, breath out when pressing upward.

This movement is repeated six times.

Health Benefits believed to be associated with this movement

  • Deep soft breathing helps to lower your heartbeat and blood pressure.
  • Stretching helps contribute to the relaxation of stiff and tense muscles.
  • Standing up straight helps realign the back muscles and the spine.
  • A clear and peaceful mindreduces negative stress on the body.

Many Chinese healers believe that this exercise helps regulate and improve the heart, lungs, stomach, spleen, and liver. It stimulates the internal organs in the upper trunk area.





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