John William Henry Jones


1856 Birth  
1856 23rd November Baptism at St Martin's Church in Tipton.
1861 Census

His father Robert is now aged 33 and his mother Sarah is 36 years of age.

His sister, Mary Jane is aged 6 and John Willliam Henry Jones himself is aged 4.

They are living at 88, Holloway Bank, West Bromwich in the district of St. James's. His dad is working as a striker in one of the ironworks.

1871 Census

His father is now aged 43 but gives his age as 45 on the census form. The family is living at 104 Hollyhead Road Wednesbury in the parish of St James. His mother Sarah gives her age as 46. His sister Mary Jane is aged 15 and John William Henry is aged 14 at the time of the census

His father is now listed as a 'smith' and his sister has trained as a milliner. JWH is working with him at the iron works as a 'turner' (working on a lathe).

1881 Census

By this time his parents have moved to Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire and are living at 43 Cook Street.


1883 Married

William Henry marries Mary Harrold.

I could not find a marriage record for John William Henry but this fits best as one of the witnesses is a Mary Jane Roberts (his aunt?).... his sister named for her? I shall search to find out more on this when I can.

1886 Birth of a son Edward is born
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