John Edward (Ted) Jones


26/06/1924 Birth

Ted was born at 6-16 am at home - 14, the Priory, Sedgley. His birth was registered by his father, Edward Jones who was working as a labourer at the concrete works.

1944   Joins the army. Works as an entertainment officer in India, responsible for showing movies to the troops.



(Age 27)

To Sylvia Jean Pearson. After the marriage Ted and Sylvia lived with her parents at 28, Whittaker Street, Wolverhampton.


Birth of son

(Age 29)

Peter John Jones was born at his grandparent's home in 28, Whittaker Street, Wolverhampton.
1958 (Age 34) Ted and Sylvia were granted a two bedroomed council house in Brooklands Parade, East Park, Wolverhampton.
1963 (age 39) After the death of Sylvia's father, the couple negotiate a 3-bedroomed semi in Essington Way so that Sylvia's mother can come to live with them.
1982 (age 58) Ted is made redundant. The firm that he works for goes bust. He is unable to get a job even though e is an experienced welder.


(Age 81)

Died at 5, Essington Way, Wolverhampton.
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