George Wedge

(1832 - 1901)

1832 Birth  
1841 Census

George is living with his parents, George (age 35) and Ann (age 30) Wedge.

He is listed as being age 9. He has an elder brother (Joseph) ages 11, and two sisters, Mary age 6 and Harriet age 1. His father was an agricultural labourer and the census says he was not born in Pattigham, but in a different county. This is also the case for all but his mother and the youngest child. Therefore I conclude that she was born in Pattingham and that within the last five years the family moved to her home villiage.

1851 Census George is living in Pattigham Villiage. He is married (age 19) to Jane (age 16) and is working as an agricultural labourer. The census does not give a street address - just 'the villiage'.
1891 Census  
1901 Census

George and Jane (his wife) are living with their daughter and her family in the St. Matthews district of Wolverhampton.The address is 6, Shrubbbery Street, Wolverhampton.

George is described as a retired timber yard waggoner of age 72.... but I make him 69.

Mary Jane is aged 30 and is married to Thomas Rhodes who is the head of the household. They have a daughter Ann aged 8 years.

Thomas is an iron works labourer and was born in Wolverhampton.

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