Louisa (Lucy) Wright (Nee Howell)

(1869 - 1954)

1869 Birth
Name: Louisa Howel
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1869
Registration district: Wolverhampton
Inferred County: Staffordshire
Volume: 6b
Page: 565

The only christening record I could find had the wrong parents listed. Father: Isaac Howell and Mother: Martha Howell - other censuses show this Bilston family in their listing. Which girl this record is for I cannot tell without ordering the certificate.


The family is now living at 79 Broad Lanes, Sedgley


  • Jane Howell age 16
  • John Howell age 14
  • Eliza Howell age 12
  • Thomas Howell age 11
  • Fanny Howell age 6
  • Louisa Howell age 2

Thomas Howell age 46 - puddler

Phoebe Howell age 44 - wife


  • Eliza Howell age 21 - mother of William - no occupation
  • Thomas Howell age 18 - puddler
  • Fanny Howell age 13
  • Lucy Howell age 11
  • Sophia Howell age 7
  • Sarah Howell age 5

William Howell age 7 - grandson

3rd Oct 1887 Mariage
Name: Louisa Howells
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Marriage Date: 3 Oct 1887
Marriage Place: Coseley, Stafford, England
Spouse: Henry Wright 
FHL Film Number: 1470595
Reference ID: It 6
1891 Census

This has Louisa living next door to her father in 21, Victoria Terrace, Broad Lanes, Sedgley.

Householder: Henry Wright 28 - husband

Wife of householder: Louisa Wright 22


  • John Wright 4
  • Thomas Wright 1 year 2 months
1901 Census
Name: Louisa Wright
[Louisa Howell
Age: 35
Estimated birth year: abt 1866
Relation to Head: Daughter
Gender: Female
Spouse: Thos Wright
Father: Thomas Howell
Mother: Phoebe Howell
Birth Place: Gibbett Lane, Sedgley
Civil Parish: Sedgley
Ecclesiastical parish: Ettingshall Holy Trinity
County/Island: Staffordshire
Country: England

This entry has Louisa's age elevated by five years, but according to this record she would have given birth to John at age 22, whereas by my reckoning she was 17 at the time of his birth. Perhaps she told everyone she was older!

This census has Louisa married and her family living with her father and mother in 21, Swan Row Ettingshall.

Father: Thomas Howell 67 - householder - labourer at the furnace yard

Mother: Phoebe Howell 66

Louisa Wright 35

Thomas Wright 36 - clerk at the ironworks - isn't Louisa's husband - perhaps his brother?


  • John Wright 13 - labourer at the furnace yard
  • Sarah Wright 8
  • Harry Wright 5
  • Phoebe Wright 4
  • Frederick Wright 2


1911 Census

The family have moved to Stoke-on-Trent and are living at 212, Leek Road, Smallthorne.

Click here for an old map of the area.

Henry Wright 49 - Locomotive engine driver for the colliery

Louie Wright 43 - Louie is probably the pet name Henry had for his wife.


  • Sarah Wright 18
  • Harry Wright 16 - coal miner
  • Phoebe Wright 13
  • Frederick Wright 11
  • James Wright 10
  • Willie Wright 5
  • Joseph Wright 3
1954 Death
Name: Louisa Wright
Birth Date: abt 1869
Date of Registration: Dec 1954
Age at Death: 85
Registration district: Stoke on Trent
Inferred County: Staffordshire
Volume: 9b
Page: 450
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