Harriet Jones (nee Wedge)


08/07/1892 Birth  
1901 Census

The family was living at 1, Hall Street, All Saints, Sedgley.

Father - William Wedge - age 44 was a Sawyer - Timber worker

Mother - Mary Ann Wedge - age 42

Sister Mary - age 18 was a 'brusher' at the enamel works

Sister Alice - age 13

Harriet - age 9

Sister Lizzie - age 5

Sister Pollie - age 3

1911 Census

The family is still living in Hall Street.

Father - William Wedge - age 55 was a Sawyer - Timber worker

Mother - Mary Ann Wedge - age 53

Harriet - age 19 is working at the iron foundry as a 'holloware wiper'

Sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) - age 16

Sister Polly - age 13

Brother William - age 8

Sister Sarah - age 5



(age 29)

1921 July-Sept - Dudley - 6b 2151

Gave birth to a daughter

(age 29)


Gave birth to twins

(age 32)

At this time they were living at 'The Priory' - see map above.


19/07/1924 Death of daughter

There is no record of Violet's death in Sedgley - but a Violet May died in Alder Hay Hospital, Liverpool in July. I have nothing to back me up on this but instinct as all who know are long dead, but I assume she was so weak when born that she was taken to hospital and shipped to the specialist infant care unit in Liverpool where she died - and perhaps was examined to further medical knowledge. Caring for low weight babies was not common in those days - more in the experimental stages.

The burial certificate gives the age as 2 months... but in fact she would have been only 4 weeks old... however as date of birth is not given I doubt calculation of age was performed that brilliantly anyway...


Gave birth to a daughter

(age 37)

Ivy L. 6b 1481


Age 66

The value of her effects is worth about 100 times a labouring man's weekly wages. That is equivalent to more than £30,000 in today's money.

The executor is Ivy's husband.

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